Family Mediation


Brevard County Judges often joke that they know they’ve done their job when both parties leave the courtroom equally unhappy. That’s how they know the process was fair.

In reality, no one knows and understands your unique family dynamic quite like you.  At Law Office of Ashley Severance, PA, we work to empower families to make their own decisions through the process of mediation, avoiding the unknown outcome of litigation.

Mediation is a process in which you and your former partner meet with mediator (a third party neutral) to work through issues related to your family case. It is an informal, confidential conflict management process geared towards effectuating a non-litigious resolution.  Ashley Severance has been a Florida Supreme Court mediator since 2010, helping families navigate the legal process with a great deal of flexibility in reaching their decisions.

Law Office of Ashley Severance offers in person, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams mediations to meet all of your needs.

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