Dependency Law 

Whether facing a dependency or a termination of parental rights petition, we know that the only thing scarier than facing criminal charges is the prospect of losing your child. With so much at stake, it is important to have someone in your corner to help you navigate the system. 

Florida Statute § 63.082(6) permits intervention in a dependency case where parental rights have not been terminated and parents have executed a consent for placement with qualified adoptive parents.  If you have made the decision to exercise your constitutional right to pick who adopts your child, our office can assist with helping you end DCF involvement and move your case to family court. 

Ashley Severance has represented the Guardian ad Litem Program, parents, children, family members, foster parents, and prospective adoptive parents.  She has also prosecuted private termination of parental rights petition when the Department has failed to act.  Ms. Severance is well versed in all aspects of dependency proceedings and will aggressively fight for you, your family, and your constitutional choices.

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